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  • Josh (Thursday, April 13 17 10:35 am EDT)

    Joseph did an amazing job at making me feel comfortable and relaxed on his massage tabel.I really love his combination masage, his service is friendly and very responsive, he plays no games like other therapists online.

    "Joseph was my first and will be my last massage therapist!”

    Look no further, I highly refer his service to those who are looking for a professional and yet quality massage experience!

  • Felicia (Tuesday, February 07 17 06:11 pm EST)

    I didn't know who to trust online to give my husband and I a masage in the privacy of our home. We had this one guy in our home, he says he had a massage table and when he got to our home, he made an excuse that it was in his other car, he was a little creepy, my husband canceled the appointment.

    After that incident I carefully researched therapists that seem to have more experience in the industry, My friend told me that she has used Joseph's service before and told me that he was outstanding, he was personable and easy going. She has told me that he is the only one that she will let in her home because of his easy going personality, he is like an old friend she told me.

    We wind up bringing Joseph to our home, he told me what I neded for the massage to take place.I had one concern and that being my knee.My knee pain has been extreme for the last few months and Joseph fixed me up in one session. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a new regular massage therapist."

    He has given my husband a massage to help him with his shoulder pain that he has been having for the past month or so. My experience with Joseph was lovely.

    We went ahead and booked another appointment in two weeks. I'm grateful to have met someone who is legitimate as well down to earth that we can trust.

    I am going to refer his service to others who are looking for a complete massage experience!His service gets 5 stars..

    Don't just let anyone into your home, do your proper research with due diligence!

    Thank you Joseph :)

    George and Felicia

  • Dr. Hansen (Friday, October 28 16 04:30 pm EDT)

    I am a professional who always needs a massage, the use of massage therapy greatly benefits my overall health and performance. Joseph offers the highest quality therapies available in the
    Philadelphia area. I would recommend him to any person looking to enhance their quality of life being for professional use or for personal comfort.”

    My wife was looking for something more then just a "traditional" draped massage experience. Novabodyworxs is stellar in delivering that
    special touch in his relaxed/therapeutic massage that she loved while maintaining my concerns due to my hectic work schedule, the perfect combination experience we have both witnessed from a massage
    service hands down!

    Dr.Hansen & Emma

  • Dr. Hansen (Saturday, October 22 16 10:02 am EDT)

    I am a professional who always needs a massage, the use of massage therapy greatly benefits my overall health and performance. Joseph offers the highest quality therapies available in the
    Philadelphia area. I would recommend him to any person looking to enhance their quality of life being for professional use or for personal comfort.”

    My wife loves his Yoni massage that he does offer in his service. She was looking for something more then just a "traditional" draped massage experience. Novabodyworxs is stellar in delivering that
    special touch in his relaxed/therapeutic massage that she loved while maintaining my concerns due to my hectic work schedule, the perfect combination experience we have both witnessed from a massage
    service hands down!

    Dr.Hansen & Emma

  • Alison (Tuesday, September 06 16 09:13 pm EDT)

    I have been with Josephs service for over 2 years and have never been disappointed. I carry all my stress on my neck, shoulders and back, he can pout my broken body back together again.He really has
    the knowledge, experience and the touch to provide the kind of restorative therapy I need. I cannot provide a higher reccomendation than for Joseph and as for the Yoni massage, oh
    wow! what an experience!

  • Dave (Sunday, December 06 15 05:04 pm EST)

    Professional yet personable. Like welcoming an old family friend into our home. His knowledge and genuine compassion in addressing my wife's needs in a massage were flawless. Like watching an artist
    paint. Looking forward to having him visit again.

  • Ally (Saturday, November 21 15 02:39 pm EST)

    My husband and I booked a session with Joseph 2 weeks ago, all I can say is wow.

    We had Novabodyworxs come to our home after careful research trying to find a reputable therapist whom has reviews about their service from others who used his service in the past. We only found 1
    therapist that had a professional website with testimonials and that was Novabodyworxs (Joseph)

    My husband booked a surprise massage for me for my birthday, I have to say that I will never forget it, Joseph's hands were all over my body knowing exactly where the tension laid.

    If you are looking for a reputable massage service look no further, Joseph filled my every need that was pertaining to a massage and then some.

    I have used bigger chain massage studios before, it frustrates the heck out of me that they only offer a draped (sheet) massage, Joseph asks if you like to have a sheet on or off for the

    We have found our massage therapist and will continue to use his service once every 3 months.

    Read no further and book a massage!

    Ally and Jonathan :)

  • Louis (Wednesday, October 28 15 04:16 pm EDT)

    I have always been frustrated on who to hire online for my massage needs. Most of the people dont have a website to read reviews about them, they are like fly by night people who travel from town to

    I came across Jospehs ad and read his website. I felt comfortable with his service, it seemed to be professional enough to have him in my house not to mention seeing his ads evertywhere online.

    I do have to say that he is professional and worth every penny. I will only hire his service when i am looking to be massaged.

    His techniques are different and is not afraid to give me a undraped massage unlike studio massage places I have gone to. I need hands all over my body to feel for the kinks that I get from

    I recommend joseph to anyone who is looking for a good massage!

  • Ben (Tuesday, August 11 15 08:28 pm EDT)

    I used Josephs service for over 5 years now, have to say his hands are magnificant. I really enjpoy his company. My wife isnt here anymore so now I treat myself to a nice masage on josephs

    This gentleman has integrity, he is profesional and I consider him to be a very good friend and listener.

    If you are looking to be massage i would suggest him to you. ben

  • Darian (Tuesday, June 30 15 12:05 pm EDT)

    I have been a recipient of massage for 17 years, and I’m very particular in choosing my massage therapist. Joseph is the best I’ve found. He’s very knowledgeable, grounded, and tuned into his client.
    Through my sessions with Novabodyworxs I’ve come to trust in the healing power of massage.”“Novabodyworxs brings the ability to intellectually engage me in his massage work. I so appreciate
    understanding what and why he is doing what he does.”


  • Bruce Kellegin (Wednesday, May 27 15 06:11 pm EDT)

    Outstanding hands from a seasoned massage therapist having been found in South Jersey!

    I am a practitioner having been in the same industry for over 25 years. First and foremost I do have to convey Joseph's conviction in delivering a good deep tissue massage is right on the button. His
    entire service is rated highly in my opinion professionally speaking. I review for a magazine in California while his service got my attention along with the many other therapists that I review in
    the nation that are featured in the Massage magazine on a monthly basis.

    A pleasant person to book a treatment with, techniques, execution, personality, professional appearance in very high standards. Professional website to reflect his business is right on the

    I will bring it to my editors attention to have a major write up on Novabodyworxs and giving him the limelight that he rightfully deserves in our national magazine amongst the other outstanding
    massage therapists that share that very same goal.

    Keep up the fantastic work Joseph!

    Bruce Kellegin (Marketing Consultant)

  • Rachele (Wednesday, April 29 15 10:03 am EDT)

    Had the best experience ever! Sensual massage has helped me to be more comfortable with my body and helped me release guilt about my fantasies. Your service is highly addictive!

    My husband and I will definately keep your service in mind for next time.

  • Gregory Jenkins (Sunday, March 08 15 12:01 pm EDT)

    I was nervous and frustrated looking for that just right massage therapist until I came across Josephs website. His site is very educational and found his testimonials from others made me feel alot
    more confident that he is not just a fly by night operation like most of these people who do not have a website or just plainly dont get back to you at all.

    I found Joseph to be very pleasant and his demeanor very professional. I had him travel to my home, have to say that the massage was just what I needed, I like his approach and his techniques that he
    does offer.

    All I can say that if you too are scouring the internet for a very good, quality massage, Novabodyworxs is the place to turn too, I know I will be back to him next month for my massage. :)

  • Daryl Warren M.D (Saturday, January 24 15 01:43 pm EST)

    We are a gay couple that are always looking for a good quality massage from people online. My partner Jarrod likes his massage on the deeper side while I prefer my massages to be a little lighter. We
    have come across Josephs ad on backpage and figured on giving him a try.

    We both are medical doctors and are always on our feet at the hospital, no time to scour the internet for that right perfect massage guy, sifting all through those escort ads and those who say they
    are professionals is always frustrating sifting through. It did not take us long to find Joseph here online with his professional website.

    What an experience I had on his table, this gentleman is very professional, brought his own portable massage table to our comfortable home in the Medford New Jersey area. His attentiveness to those
    areas that needed special attention was right on the mark. It was an equal balance in between both therapeutic/sensual, just what the doctor ordered lol.

    We always thought it was better to bring someone to the privacy of our home with the qualifications as Novabodyworxs and all his testimonials supplying us with the confidence that Joseph was the man
    for the job. I cannot wait until our next massage session because I am sure we will both have the confidence that our sessions will be just like the initial visit Joseph gave the both of us. Good job
    Joseph and Novabodyworxs, keep up the fantastic work!

    Daryl and Jarrod

  • Hailey (Saturday, January 10 15 01:30 pm EST)

    I have had the privilege of traveling around the world and staying in some of the finest hotels and spas. I have also suffered from chronic back pain for most of my life. As I traveled I have always
    looked for ways to relieve my back pain by visiting many hotels spas and masseuses.

    I can now honestly say that I don’t have to waste my time looking anywhere else in the world for the world’s best massage, its right here in south jersey.

    Joseph is professional and more importantly, he listens to his clients and focuses in providing a comfortable atmosphere and amazing work. His massages have allowed me to manage my pain and work and
    play pain free. I am a client for life. Not to mention the sensual massage being undraped was an experience that I have never had before.

    The most rewarding part for me was the opportunity to see my husband so thoroughly relaxed on Joseph\'s table. a smile on his face and a feeling of peace washing over him. Neither of us were thinking
    of our ‘to do’ lists… we were just husband and wife enjoying the moment that we dont get most often!

    Hailey & Josh

  • Jerry (Sunday, November 30 14 11:12 am EST)

    Joseph is an incredible bodywork practitioner who breaks through barriers around size and ability to provide a non -judgmental, and healing experience for his clients. He is an expert at working with
    large bodies and is always looking for innovative healing solutions to help clients with their unique needs. I am a physician and have to say that I have never found such a website that carefully
    explains in detail each modality as his. It is both educational and entertaining to the thought by far. His techniques hit the areas that needed most attention. I find his service to be very
    reputable and professional all within one service.

    Dr. Gorman

  • colleen (Wednesday, June 25 14 04:11 pm EDT)

    I highly recommend Joseph for both relaxation-therapeutic massage or to address a specific injury. I was lucky enough to get referred to Novabodyworxs just before I got into a car accident. Joseph
    was incredibly supportive to me during my recovery – he gave me a fantastic massage, addressing my issues as they arose and modifying his techniques as my healing progressed. Joseph is quite
    knowledgable about the body and not to mention remedies as well. Yet another plus is that Novabodyworxs is just plain awesome and it’s always a pleasure to be massaged by him. I suggest hiring Joseph
    for your next massage. I am definately going to have my girlfriends use his service.

  • Kevin (Monday, April 28 14 04:42 pm EDT)

    I never had a massage before and contacted Josephs service awhile back. There was something about being massaged by a gentleman that had my curiosity.

    Joseph explained about the entire experience in detail, told me to make my decision and went ahead and booked it, it was amazing.

    If you never been massaged before I would say that Joseph is your guy to call, after reading the testimonials on his website and now I am writing one, can say that I am really glad that I have called
    on him to massage me.

    I will be calling back again in the near future, I have found a friend and a massage therapist at the same time.

    Thank you Joseph

  • Jasmine (Tuesday, April 08 14 06:23 pm EDT)

    Joseph, Thank You for the most intense massage of my life. From the moment you arrived, you were a complete gentlemen. You asked the right questions to make me feel at ease and when I was scared to
    explore further, you gently pushed me over the edge and allowed me to see that it was okay to do so. Words can not express my gratitude for being patient, respectful and funny with me. Thank you for
    giving me the space to lower my walls so I could experience something so orgasmically beautiful.Peter and I are going to use your service on our anniversary in 3 months! Til next time! Jasmine and

  • Brian (Wednesday, November 06 13 11:40 am EST)

    Joseph is wonderful. He has such a calming personality. I have never fallen asleep on the massage table, but Joseph's technique is so peaceful I have to fight to stay awake. That being said, after
    one session with him, he picked out all my worst spots and worked them out. We first discovered him from a friend and was hesitant to try initially but we were more than happy! I recently injured my
    shoulder and he relieved the pain in just one session and with two I could move it with barely any pain! he is super knowledgeable about the body and is a wonderful massage therapist!

    Brian and Alex

  • Britany (Monday, September 09 13 11:24 am EDT)

    Words can not express the overall ultimate feelings I got from Josephs massage. The first time I received one of his fantastic massages I kind of didn't know what to expect but after 2 hours of
    continuous Therapeutic/sensual attention I was hooked forever to his touch. I have received many different massages over the years but none can compare to what I received from Novabodyworxs. Then,
    just as I thought it could no way get better, it did. Last week"s massage was the most outrageous, sensual massage of my life. After my 2 hour session I couldn't move - all I wanted to do was to just
    lie on the massage table basking in ecstatic bliss. What else could a woman ask for! The best part is that Novabodyworxs has accomplished this twice for me, the second massage surpassed my first
    outrageous massage and I am so looking forward to my 3rd - my body shivers with anticipation. What more can I say: "Thank you!?-"Thank you! "- "Thank you!"

  • Andrew (Wednesday, August 14 13 04:48 pm EDT)

    I had a wonderful session with Joseph last weekend. He is very professional and makes you feel very comfortable from the first second he walks in the door. He first listened to me with attention and
    compassion to identify the best way he could help. After talking about things, we focused on my kinked neck. Joseph is very good energy to be around, his positive approach and his warm personality
    takes all the fear out of the massage experience. The massage was so pleasurable and relaxing.

    Joseph's massages are bespoke, he adapts to what you want or need and is very attentive and delicate. I will be scheduling again soon. ~ Dr.Andrew

  • Jennifer and Chase (Wednesday, July 31 13 08:45 pm EDT)

    My husband and I are always in the market for a quality massage experience added with a sensual twist, we have come to find out that there arent too many therapists online who offer a good
    therapeutic/sensual service like Novabodyworxs. We like the delicate balance of both therapeutic/sensual that Joseph offers.

    Joseph tended to my every inch of my body, while my husband watched from the bed, his hands caressed my entoire body sending chills down my spine, my husband was enjoying every minute of it. All I
    can say is that if you and your husband are looking for a quality massage with a sensual side to it, Joseph is the service to book, I cannot wait to book another session with him, I am loving

    Magnificent massage Joseph, I was long overdue for a very good massage.

  • Chloe and Chad (Sunday, April 14 13 12:15 pm EDT)

    Joseph was amazing!, I was amazed at what he could do, it felt so good that I did not want it to last. My husband and I have received massages all over the world but none comes closer to Joseph's
    techniques, he is probably one of the most skilled and intuitive massage therapist that we have witnessed in over 20 years! I felt completely at ease with his service and not to mention quite
    relaxed, I have findly found my massage therapist. My husband agrees!

  • Samuel (Monday, March 25 13 10:35 am EDT)

    Keeping my body free of injuries, and in good working order is a must in my line of work, but sometimes no matter how one tries, something may break down, and will need realignment, or attention. For
    years, I’ve relied on Joseph's healing hands, and expertise, to help me through life's little health challenges. I’ve found Joseph's abilities to locate, isolate, and work areas, which have been
    injured, or strained, as nothing short fantastic, plus Joseph's methodical technique, helps speed the recovery process. I will continue to hire when his expertise is required, I
    have referred Joseph to others, and will continue to recommend him, as the go to body healer in the area. Sincerely, Sam

  • Kenneth (Friday, March 01 13 10:53 pm EST)

    Had my first massage with Joseph and will not be my last. He made me feel completely at ease and comfortable. His soothing touch was so relaxing. I am going to become a regular. He was great.

  • Allan (Thursday, February 21 13 11:57 am EST)

    “I appreciate that Joseph works with me to find the right techniques and pressure to meet my needs while still making the massage a serene and relaxing experience. The benefits of his massages extend
    into my day-to-day wellness because Joseph also helps me to understand what’s going on with my muscles and joints and to identify habits potentially causing aches and knots.” I also have learned
    through Joseph's service that an un-draped/sensual massage is very relaxing on top of his therapeutic properties, I did not know that both could be equally achieved, Novabodyworxs does achieve both,
    the best of both worlds!

  • Nancy (Saturday, November 17 12 01:38 pm EST)

    This was our third meeting with Joseph, and it just keeps getting better. He is a very open and genuine person and he always has time for a relaxed chat prior to the massage if the client wishes.
    Joseph always makes it very easy to feel comfortable in his presence. We then received the best massage we have ever had - our bodies were tingling from head to toe and we were kept in a state of
    pure pleasure the whole time. There's nothing like it! Eventually all good things have to come to an end and what an end it was - I had to lay their for 10 minutes afterwards before I had the ability
    to move and get dressed. I never notice any clock watching when with Joseph, and nothing was rushed at any time. I can't wait to have his fantastic hands giving me my next massage!" Anyone that is
    looking for a therapeutic/sensual massage try no other, Novabodyworxs is the service!

    Nancy and William

  • Edward (Wednesday, October 31 12 01:06 pm EDT)

    I have been so stressed lately with work, family and relationships and just needed to relax. I called Joseph and he took the time to explain the types of massage that would meet my needs, so we made
    the appointment for later that day.

    Joseph is very warm and relaxing his energy is very nurturing, I felt very comfortable as soon as I walked into the room. we discussed my needs, goals and concerns for my session.

    When I have had massages in the past the therapist has worked too hard and I have been very sore after receiving a massage. Joseph, listened to me and adjusted the strokes to what I needed throughout
    the session, at the end of the hour I was so relaxed and I felt wonderful.

    After the massage we further discussed my goals and agreed that I would continue to receive regular treatments for the next three to six weeks and re-evaluate my progress after each session. I would
    highly recommend Joseph to anyone whether its you first massage or your fiftieth.

  • Kelly (Sunday, October 21 12 12:06 pm EDT)

    I am a single mother of 3 and never find time for myself. With my hectic schedule it does not allow me time for "me time" ..I was searching the internet for a qualified massage Therapist and stumbled
    upon Joseph's website. It is quite interesting and not to mention his wealth of knowledge supplied through the website.

    I booked a session with the sensual based treatment, I do have to say that it was magnificent, he took my mind off of my daily routine for 2 hours and worked my entire body therapeutically and
    sensually.A bath is not good enough on some of my hectic days,a massage I thought was a very good idea..

    Girls, if you are looking for that same treatment, Joseph is definately the guy to call upon..He is cute,good personality and very good with his hands...

    I will be calling his service again in the future. Thank you Joseph and Novabodyworxs!

  • Brett (Saturday, October 13 12 01:07 pm EDT)

    Joseph makes you feel relaxed the moment you walk into the room. As he talks to you and prepares for your massage, you can tell he really has an interest in not only what’s going on with your body,
    but in who you are.

    You find yourself feeling comfortably assured that you will be receiving a wonderful therapeutic experience.

    Joseph has a wonderful sense of touch and excellent deep-pressure techniques. . . Very confident, rhythmic hands.”

    Not only is he an expert but yet his relaxing touch that will simply be enjoyed by many who use his service!

  • Ashley (Monday, September 10 12 02:09 pm EDT)

    I am a licensed a Massage Therapist for 10 years, and recipient of massage for 17 years, and I’m very particular in choosing my massage therapist. Joseph is the best I’ve found by far. He’s very
    knowledgeable, grounded, and tuned into his client. He continues to learn new massage techniques that make him even more expert in his craft. Through my sessions with Joseph I’ve come to trust in the
    healing power of massage.”

  • Dr. J. Stanton (Thursday, September 06 12 03:30 pm EDT)

    For a world-class massage experience, look no farther than Novabodyworxs. Having been to spas and massage studios, both here and abroad, the finest is right here in South Jersey. Whether it be for
    relaxation, or the more pesky back or physical ailment, Joseph will meet your individual needs. With only two massages, my back injury/pain was gone, something my doctor was not able to manage. His
    massage is extremely calming, and his ability to massage and manipulate your muscles is a true gift. I recommend treating yourself and/or a friend to a massage from Novabodyworxs, and I bet you will
    agree with me. He is a TRUE professional.” -Dr. Stanton

  • Alex and Reed (Tuesday, August 21 12 11:50 am EDT)

    My partner and I workout on a regular basis and was in the market for a therapeutic massage, someone that can ligitmately work out the tension that we retain from our rigorous workout routine.

    We are both tired of people who call themselves "massage therapists" only wanting to do something else with us.

    We came across Josephs website through a friend of ours 2 weeks ago and figured giving him a try.

    He techniques is different then what we originally had when we resided in California. I never thought that I could ever find someone like our massage therapist back in California. Joseph knew the
    pressure points and tended to each and every part of our bodies. Reed really knows his massages and says that Joseph is extremely talented when it comes to massaging the body.

    I love my feet really massaged good, some massage therapists wont touch the feet, Joseph spends atleast 10 minutes or so on each foot, by the time I have gotten off his table, it felt like I was
    walking on air..I dont know where he gets his energy to massage 2 people back to back, but he does.. I could write all day about this gentlemans service.

    If you are looking to be massaged by someone who knows exactly what he is doing, I would recommend Novabodyworxs to anyone.

    Rest to be assured we will be networking his name around when we are at Parties, events etc.

    Keep up the fantastic work Joseph!

    Alex and Reed :)

  • Bruce (Sunday, August 19 12 12:24 pm EDT)

    After searching the internet for a professional massage therapist, we stumbled upon After reading his content on his website gave me the confidencein hiring his service. I travel
    all the time and dont have that much time to scour the internet for therapists. I had no problem booking the session with him. He told me exactly what he needed and gave my room number to him, it
    took him 20 minutes to arrive.

    I like therapists that come prepared, Joseph has his own portable massage to give a proper massage. By the time I got off the table I did not feel any oil on my skin. This is an added bonus!

    He is very professional, down to earth and trustworthy as a Therapists. I will be looking forward to massage him again in the near future. I give his service 5***** stars..

  • Becky (Sunday, June 17 12 02:47 pm EDT)

    My name is Becky and have been married 10 years and currently use Josephs service. His technique is very interesting and his approach very professional.

    I am a small frame girl 115 lbs at 5'3 that other therapists where afraid to go deep into my muscles, not Joseph..

    I would like to thank Joseph for opening me and my husband up to fresher ideas that created a spark that our relationship really neded. I have used other services in the past, but nothing like
    Josephs. Thankyou Joseph!

  • Paul (Friday, April 20 12 02:51 pm EDT)

    Attention to detail is this gentlemans mission statement. He is very professional in every aspect of his service. I always wanted a massage from a man but did not know where to turn to. I have done
    some extensive research online and came across this site (M4M). I clicked on this masseurs advertisement and liked everything that he has to offer. I love a well written advertisemt, mispelled words
    tells me alot about someone, this gentleman is very precise but yet free spirited in every sense. His service is nothing less then perfect for my specific purpose on which was filled completely. I
    will keep this gentleman in mind for when I am back in the market for another massage.

E-mail: - phone: 856-371-3427

Mon-Sun 8:00am-9:00pm...Joseph does book last minute sessions, call ahead of time!

Joseph travels to Philadelphia, Philadelphia Airport, Lansdowne, Yardly, King of Prussia, Atlantic city, Pottstown, Forked River, Toms River, Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, Asbury Park, Newark, Wilmington, Center city areas.

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